Best Of The Year Quarterfinal: Science Vs. Animals

Science videos and animal videos, arguably two of the biggest categories for online video content. 2012 has been a fantastic year for these videos and it was hard for us to decide the final eight. But, we did and we asked you to narrow it down for us. We now have the top science video and top animal video of the year and they’re going to battle it out to see which one moves on.

The Most Scientific Video Of The Year: We Stopped Dreaming

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This year’s top science video is serious. The Science King of the internet, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, discusses the history of space exploration and why we aren’t continuing to dream of further travels from our home planet. We want to end this paragraph with some sort of a joke, but this video bummed us out.


The Animal We All Want: Hilarious Experiment On Monkeys

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We don’t blame the monkey on the left. If our friend was doing the same task we were and was rewarded with grapes while all we received was cucumbers, we’d freak out too! Give us some damn grapes, you monsters!