Best Of The Year Quarterfinal: Russia Vs. WTF!?

The first round of Break’s Best of the Year Video contest is here and it’s a big battle between the winners of “Meanwhile, In Russia” and “WTFest WTFs Ever!” You voted these the best in their categories and now they are up against each other to see which video moves on to the semi-finals! Watch these and vote for the one you think is best!

Meanwhile, In Russia – Amazing Russian Girls Workout

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Russia, itself, is pretty much described as “WTF.” But sometimes, true beauty escapes its absurd boundaries and finds its way online and into our hearts. This is one of those instances. These two lovely Russian ladies display a dazzling workout routine that can only be described in the words of Shakespeare as, “super hot.”


WTFest WTFs Ever! – Father Teaches Daughter Lesson About Facebook

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2012 brought us Facebook Dad, a father so angry about his daughter’s use of social media that he thought it’d be best to create a long video pointing out how bad she has been as a daughter, then shoot her laptop with a pistol. Some think this is a poor example of parenting. Others believe he did a great job making his points. But no matter what you think, you know, when you first saw it, you said, “WTF!?”

Which video is best? Vote above and vote often!