Best Of The Year Quarterfinal: Pranks Vs. Lucky To Be Alive!

The last quarterfinal match is here and it is a great one. The Prank of the Year is up against The Luckiest Bastard on Earth! And each video is fantastic on their own. It’s going to be difficult to choose which one moves on, but we have confidence you’ll make the right call. Now watch and vote!

The Prank of the Year: Hilarious Prank Played On Cops

Sketch Empire’s pee prank on the cops was an epicly hilarious prank. The reactions are priceless and the guys play it off so well. They also didn’t go to jail, which is sort of surprising.


The Luckiest Bastards on Earth: World’s Luckiest Ice Climber

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Try watching this without holding your breath and feeling intense fear. It cannot be done. And if you say you did it, you’re a liar.