Best Of Break: A Round-Up From Our YouTube Page 4.19.2017

Hey Breakers, did you know we host over 5,000 clips on our YouTube Page, Break Clips? Every day on Best of Break, we pull five from the archive you might have missed.

Sculpting a Glass Horse in 60 Seconds

The entire “artist creates something in a very short amount of time that I couldn’t create under any circumstances” genre of video is one of my favorites. I can’t draw a straight line unless I’m trying to draw a circle, so videos where someone paints a portrait upside-down are doubly amazing to me. Anyway, here’s a glass blower making a glass horse in a minute. Can you imagine how many horses they’d have to drag behind the shed and shoot if their legs were really made of glass?

Champagne Popper

This is about as close as we’ll ever get to that thing that happens in cartoons where you get blasted in the face with a shotgun and it just covers your face in soot.

Hat Through Legs Skateboard Trick

Some kid was skateboarding in the parking lot of the Break offices last week and he was landing trick after trick and I really wanted to go up to him and ask “Hey how long have you been skating?” and he’d say three years or whatever and I’d be like, “Cool, cool. Hey, can I ask you a question? Do you think you’re allowed to skate here?” (I didn’t do that, though. I wonder if that kid’s dead now.)

Tre Flip Me a Beer

I think our full-time video acquisitions team was on a skateboarding kick (flip) the week they signed this. By the way, anyone out there still saying “beer me” like Andy from The Office?

Full Court Basketball Shot

They had obviously tried this fifty times and instructed the cameraman not to scream when they actually got it, but the entire thing is so damn impressive that when the kid actually sinks the shot the guy holding the camera almost shrieks. You can hear him about to wail but then he remembers the whole conceit of the video is nonchalance. Good work, kids.

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