Best Of Break: A Round-Up From Our YouTube Page 4.18.2017

Hey Breakers, did you know we host over 5,000 clips on our YouTube page, Break Clips? Every day on Best of Break, we pull five from the archive you might have missed.

Amazing Behind the Back Half Court Shot

Here’s a video that should have, at minimum, ten thousand views instead of the 342 it has as of this writing. It is indeed an amazing behind the back half-court shot. It’s also impressive that he kicks off the video with a push-up on a basketball. Oh, and extra points for not doing that thing they do on Dude Perfect where, after landing an admittedly impressive trick shot like throwing a donut onto a pencil from across a football field or whatever, all of the guys scream YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHWHOOOOOO really loud. Can they just SAY yeeeaaaaahhhhhhwhoooooo in a normal tone of voice?

My dog missed football

Imagine the follow-up video when the owner explains to the dog that 40 percent of NFL players have brain damage, and plenty of them will develop full-blown CTE, AKA Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which can lead to memory loss, suicidal depression and violent outbursts. OJ Simpson probably has it. Yeah, how do you think this dog is going to react when the owner explains that these players are basically killing themselves slowly for our amusement? That’s right. The dog won’t have any idea what the hell any of that means and will continue to jump around all happy when football comes on.

That Awkward Moment – Guy’s Failed Attempt To Save Child

By the way, let me say that I’m using the original titles from the actual YouTube videos when I write this stuff. This is certainly not the title I would have chosen for this, since “failed attempt to save a child” sounds like kiddie snuff, which this IS NOT. A better title would be “unnecessary attempt to save a child.”

Monster Truck Backflip

From the title, you might think the truck actually lands the backflip. And from watching the video, you might think the truck is going to land the backflip…right up until it doesn’t, HARD. Really not sure what was supposed to happen here. Was this an actual backflip attempt? Did the driver manage to land it ten times in a row and then someone said “hey, let’s get this on camera”? Oh, and in case you think the driver was crushed to death, you can see her all in one piece addressing the crowd at the end. That’s right, HER. Try it, Saudi Arabia.

Swimming Pool Jump Blooper

99% sure this video begins with someone saying “you’re filming someone’s death.” (Spoiler: he’s not.) Also, this one needs a re-title. I don’t consider it a blooper. Sure, maybe the guy was attempting a run-across-the-water stunt, but rather than failing at that, he succeeds at a run-and-sit-down on the water stunt. “Blooper” should be reserved for pool videos where someone falls in and “fail” should only be used on pool videos where the guy is floating face down and not moving.

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