Best Of Break: A Round-Up From Our YouTube Page 4.17.2017

Hey Breakers, did you know we host over 5,000 clips on our YouTube Page, Break Clips? Every day on Best of Break, we pull five from the archive you might have missed.

Jump Over Drift

Did you think the scene in Fate of the Furious when the Rock grabbed a MOAB out of the air and redirected it back at North Korea while driving an Edsel backward down the Vegas strip was intense? Well, this vid is a million times more impressive because it’s actually real! It’s some kid risking broken knees to jump over a Miata. Thank you, kid. If you’re dead now from trying to cartwheel over a bus or jump between rooftops in Hong Kong or maybe it was just an Oxycontin overdose, please know that your efforts will outlive us all.

Neighbors from hell Huntington Beach CA

If you lived in hell, all of your neighbors would literally be the neighbors from hell, even if they were the nicest, kindest people you’d ever met in your afterlife, which begs the question, if they’re such good people, what are they doing in hell? (Answer: they were probably agnostic or ate nachos in movie theaters.)

Thief tries to sell stolen iPhone5S back to owner and gets caught

If you’ve ever wanted to see a satisfying resolution to someone getting their own stolen phone sold back to them…well, I’m sorry, this video doesn’t end with the protracted torture and death by baseball bat beating of the phone thief in question. It is, however, nice to see this weasel squirm when caught on camera. By the way, how is anyone dumb enough to steal a phone, which is basically like a house arrest collar that we all wear willingly? Oh, and could someone please mail me a pipe bomb stuffed with nails? There’s a package thief in my building.

Caught a white bass this mornin and let him go. He gave me a treat I’ve never experienced

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, don’t you dare go making fish cute. Granted, the only thing that will ever get me to stop eating beef and pork and lamb is either having to slaughter and clean them myself or the massive heart attack I’m eating myself toward, but I still feel the slightest twinge of guilt when I remember that these animals are cute and I could pet them and they’d like it. But fuck fish. They’re ugly and dumb and they can’t bond with us so I shouldn’t think twice about eating their pureed corpses when enjoying a bowl of fish ball soup, right? RIGHT?!

Every Mumford and Sons Song Basically

The one thing that prevents this video from being exactly like a Mumford and Sons song is that I actually like it.

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