Best Of Break: A Round-Up From Our YouTube Page 4.13.2017

Hey Breakers, did you know we host over 5,000 clips on our YouTube Page, Break Clips? Every day on Best of Break, we pull five from the archive you might have missed.

Skateboard Almost Flies into Car

This video is inaccurately titled, since the skateboard doesn’t “almost” fly into the car, it rolls right into the street and gets run over. Before you go getting your hopes up that the skateboard is under a skateboarder upon impact, you should know that the reason it’s rolling into traffic is because the kid fell off. Still a satisfying video, since he manages to land two tricks first and if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run over a skateboard, the thing gets freakin’ launched.

Cat vs Printer

My building doesn’t allow cats, but I love them and have spent years thinking of hundreds of good cat names. Here, have these free, good cat names: Tie Die, Death Race, Policy Wonk, Candles, Testsumagumi, Andromeda, Pleather, Crayon, Dust Bowl, Parkour, Kelvin, Stylus, Intern, Oligarch, Trust Fund, Frogger, Back Tax, Dander, Germany. If you name your cat any of these names, please come back to this post and comment with a picture of it wearing his or her name tag and we will reward you with a free year’s membership to this site.

Shiba Inu Head Tilt

Just so you know, folks, it’s ol’ Roger T picking these things, which means you’re going to be getting close to zero broken bones and a whole lotta cute. Deal with it, fight me, etc. I just rewatched this five times in a row and could probably watch one of those ten hour loop videos of it, but if you give it a couple whirls you notice the “dooo you waannna” turning into music really quickly.

Forklift Coin Trick

To begin with, the most impressive part of this video is that they’re likely on the clock and being paid to do this, as I have never met any amateur forklift operators. Anyway, have you ever wondered what it would be like to put on the Power Loader from Aliens and thread a needle? Not me. I usually just wonder what it would be like to crush my enemies to death. I don’t even waste any time thinking about fighting off Xenomorphs because they don’t exist and that would be a waste of my Power Loader fantasy time.

How to Slice a Watermelon

Have you ever wondered how to slice a watermelon? I mean, have you ever seen one at the supermarket? They’re entirely in one piece and you can’t eat the green part and the green part is hard. So how on Earth do you get through the green part? Are you supposed to strap dynamite to it? Throw it off a bridge onto rock? Throw hammers at it? Buy a power saw specifically for the purpose of slicing open a watermelon? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how to slice a watermelon, Break Clips presents the 180,000+ views blockbuster, “How to Slice a Watermelon.”

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