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It must be a scientific fact that once you become a parent (or a pet owner), you instantly also become a cinematographer and constantly indulge in your need to document every moment in your child’s life (remember pets are children too) especially the ones you deem funny. Due to this phenomenon, there’s a glut of funny baby videos uploaded onto YouTube and various other websites, some which are solely dedicated to funny baby videos. Many videos have become so popular, they’ve gone viral and are often seen on various compilation videos.   Parents don’t just record their baby’s funny moments, they also film their baby crying or reacting to farts.  That’s because even though these may not exactly be funny situations, the parents find these moments funny therefore it must be shared with the world.  Keep in mind if you don’t video your child while it’s still a baby, you’ll forget what the baby was like so it’s a good idea to capture all those great moments while you can especially since technology makes it so easy.  It makes sense that there are so many funny baby videos in existence, after all, who can make you smile or bring you happiness more than your kid?  Isn’t that the reason you made them in the first place? In fact parents are doing everyone a service by sharing their funny baby videos since seeing a cute baby is definitely a pick-me-up for most people.  And what do parents always say? Enjoy it while they’re still babies because they grow up to be teenagers and there’s nothing funny about them.

This 8 month old baby can probably do more pull ups than you:



This little baby is engaged an epic battle between the sand man and his stomach’s desire for more cake





Although it may be hard to believe that a small individual that basically does four things (eat, sleep, poop, cry) can be comical, babies are actually a good source for comedy. When they’re laughing, they’re funny, when they’re crying, sometimes it can be funny, when they’re reacting to noises or animals, they’re funny, when a baby dances, it sure as heck is funny.  Especially if they dance better than you.  Funny baby videos fall into several main categories: Laughing Baby, Dancing Baby, Crying Baby, Baby and Animals and Baby Noise Reactions.

The original Dancing Baby wasn’t even a real baby, it was a 3D-rendered animation of a baby dancing and in the late 1990s, it instantly became one of the first viral videos and internet meme.  The animated Dancing Baby gained widespread media attention when it was on several episodes of the Fox dramedy, “Ally McBeal” and later made multiple appearances in marketing media, films and music videos. 

However, animated Dancing Baby has nothing on the below two tykes.  These real babies show that it’s never too early to have rhythm.  The Samba Baby has either been watching salsa videos or he’s the son of a Chippendale dancer since he makes you feel like you should be putting a dollar into his diaper.

Samba Baby Dances For The Ladies


[[contentId: 2886502| ]]


New Zealand babe Cory Elliott’s rendition of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies “went viral after his parents uploaded his performance in his diaper complete with head and hand movement and the occasional foot action.



Generally a Crying Baby isn’t funny to anybody, especially the parents, however, there are a few instances in which a Crying Baby can actually be enjoyable.  One example is when kids start crying when their parents start singing.  In the below video, this baby either really hates Mom’s singing or the commercial.




You can see that Mom’s singing really is getting to this 10 month old: 

Babies and animals are two of the cutest creatures on earth so when they get together you know it’s got to be a good time.  In the below compilation video of what happens when babies and dogs interact, suffice to say who knew that a dog chasing its tail is a great babysitter?



Baby Noise Reactions is where we see that it is possible to put together a compilation video of farts and what babies think of them.  Now, in the babies’ defense, some of the farts sound pretty fake, but come to think of it, the babies probably didn’t know that.

Below are those parents that think it’s hilarious when their baby falls down and cries or is scared.  And you know what? They’re right.


Because Laughing Baby makes up the greatest number of funny baby videos on the web probably due to the fact there’s no sweeter sound than hearing a baby laugh.  A baby’s laughter always inspires smiles even from strangers.  There are a plethora of Laughing Baby compilation videos in the web-o-sphere and it seems people can never get tired or enough of a laughing baby.  Babies generally start to laugh at about four months of age, give or take a month or two.  Like adults, every baby has an individual sense of humor even though they are so young and they laugh at different triggers. A baby may laugh hysterically at one thing but not at another even when another baby finds it funny.  One kid might giggle at silly faces and another might burst in laughter at silly words.  Babies also often start smiling and laughing in their sleep leaving their parents to wonder what they’re dreaming about. When they’re awake, laughing attacks are also common for infants.  Once they find something funny, they may laugh over and over again no matter how many times it’s repeated which makes them an easy audience to entertain. There’s also no need to worry if your baby doesn’t laugh much.  Pediatricians say that as long as everything else is developing according to the milestones, parents don’t need to worry.  It also doesn’t mean you will wind up with a morose David or Debbie Downer.  Like many other qualities, kids develop their sense of humor according to their own schedule.

You Will Never Love Anything As Much As This Baby Loves This Fountain



Check out the laughing quadruplets.  They are laughing ALL AT ONCE. Yeah, Mom thinks its funny now…

[[contentId: 2745897| ]]


Reminiscent of the 1968 horror film, Rosemary’s Baby, New York City was once again scared by a demonic infant in January 2014.  To promote the horror film, “Devil’s Due,” marketing agency Thinkmodo placed a realistic animatronic doll in a remote-controlled $1,000 Bugaboo Cameleon stroller in various places around the city.  When curious New Yorkers approached the abandoned stroller with the crying baby, their concern quickly turned to fright when the mean, evil-looking Devil Baby jumps out at them screaming diabolically and hurling something liquid.  For the spectators, this was funny for sure but from a societal perspective, those pranked New Yorkers will probably never show concern or help anybody else out ever again after this incident.





The E-Trade Baby is actually two babies.  The first baby was played by Gregory Michael Miller and the first commercial made its debut during the 2008 Super Bowl.  Out of 70 commercials that were shown throughout the game, the E-Trade Baby commercial ranked at #3 as being the most memorable.  The campaign was created by Grey Global Group for E-Trade and the commercial was shot webcam style.  The mouth of a 4-year-old (at that age a child can actually talk but their lips, mouth and cheeks still resemble a baby’s) was superimposed onto the real baby and comedian Pete Holmes provided the voice.  An integrated advertising campaign, the E-Trade Baby performed well in social media. In 2013, the campaign had over 64 million total views and over 26,000 subscribers on YouTube, over 17,000 Twitter followers and more than 108,000 Facebook fans. But Hollywood is youth-oriented and Gregory eventually grew too old to play a baby and was replaced by Manolo Gonzalez. Gonzalez played the baby until E-Trade retired the campaign in 2014 with an announcement in a commercial that aired during March Madness.

Gregory Michael Miller; retired

retired e baby

The voice, Pete Holmes:


pete holmes

Manolo Gonzalez then:

manolo gonzalez

Manolo Gonzale, retired:

gonzalez older


Biologist have conducted studies on what makes things cute and there is an actual science to cuteness that’s based in evolutionary biology. Austrian scientist Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfedlt, founder of the field of the study of human behavior lists cuteness traits as, “(a) large head relative to body size, rounded head; (b) large, protruding forehead; (c) large eyes relative to face, eyes below midline of head; (d) rounded, protruding cheeks; (e) rounded body shape; and (f) soft, elastic body surfaces.”  These are all characteristics that human and animal babies have which usually make the average person’s heart melt.  Another attractive quality of human babies is their need to be cared for which taps into the human instinct and the need to nurture which eventually helps to further the species. 



There’s no shortage of these videos either.  In fact, cable network Animal Planet has a show dedicated to cute kittens and puppies.  And because humans are hardwired to want to nurture, any species will do and that’s why we find baby animals as cute as our human ones.  As most pet owners demonstrate, people don’t need to nurture their own species and can get a lot of fulfillment from taking care of babies from other animals. 

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