Howard Stern’s Staff Member Decided To Interrupt The NFL Press Conference

To the unsuspecting journalist, this looks like an insane interruption at Roger Goodell’s press conference addressing domestic violence surrounding the NFL. It ends with the man in question getting dragged out of the room.

Lucky for us, you can watch the best part of that press conference as many times as you like with this youtube video provided by Fox Sports, because apparently uploading this single clip to their youtube page is better than Goodell’s press conference in its entirety.

Watch the clip here.

Who the hell was that guy and why did he have a freak out moment, screaming “Don’t take me to an elevator! Don’t take me to an elevator!”

It was Howard Stern’s writer Benjy Bronk, who is no newbie to interrupting important press conferences.

Benjy Bronk getting tossed at today’s NFL press conference. via AP

One of his more popular tirades from Stern’s writer came at the Anthony Weiner press conference where he shouted questions like “The people want to know, are you fully erect!” Usually Bronk can get around one question in repeated a few times before security can get their hands on him.

So if you have satellite radio, tune into the Stern show on Monday to hear Benjy talk about what it was like to get thrown out of the press conference. I’m definitely looking forward to a hilarious recap after all of this NFL nonsense. Now if only Stern would start his own NFL franchise.

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