Derek Zoolander And Hansel Hit Actual Paris Fashion Week Show For Zoolander 2

The audience sitting beside the fashion runway at the Vaelentino Show during Paris Fashion Week (it’s like the Super Bowl for people who like fancy hats) came to see young, rail thin ladies in wacky dresses. That’s why they were stunned to see two middle aged dudes strut down the catwalk making wacky faces.

Models Derek Zoolander and Hansel were back! And so was blue steel. See them walk the catwalk:

[[contentId: 2830945| | size: 75]]

It was all part of a publicity stunt by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to announce Zoolander 2, the sequel to the 2001 comedy. Surprisingly the fashion crowd in Paris appreciated the cameo and even gave the guys a standing ovation. Stiller  was in full Zoolander mode even grabbing a spectators phone for some selfie blue steel.

While this appearance confirmed the production of the film, the idea that there would be a Zoolander 2 has been around for a while. Last year it was reported that Penelepe Cruz joined the cast and Will Ferrell would be back as evil fashion designer Mugatu.



Stiller has previously said that a Zoolander sequel would center around the guys trying to make a comeback. After ten years they are completely forgotten in the fashion world and are attempting to reinvent themselves. Sounds promising, are you excited for Zoolander 2? Or should they keep their walk off to themselves?

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Source: Rolling Stone