Ben Affleck On The Set Of ‘Suicide Squad’, Will He Battle Leto’s Joker?

Suicide Squad is like the Guardian’s of the Galaxy for DC comic book adaptions. During filming, no one knows what it’s about, but they know it was once a comic book. People know it stars Will Smith as one of the film’s leads and also stars Jared Leto as a very questionable Joker. But are those the only interesting points the film has going for it? Not so much, unless you find an appearance by Batman not all that interesting.

Ben Affleck was spotted heading to Toronto where Suicide Squad is coincidentally filming. Sure, he could be going to our neighbors of the north for any number of reasons but then he was spotted on Suicide Squad’s set in a suit, presumably as Bruce Wayne.

Of course there are zero details and confirmations regarding our new cinematic Batman making his second appearance in Suicide Squad (the image was posted online today) but considering how DC is trying to match Marvel’s crossover game, it kinda makes sense. Or maybe Affleck was just sent to console Leto on what it’s like to be ridiculed on the internet for portraying a beloved comic book character.

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source: Slash Film