Get Your First Look At Ben Affleck As Batman Here

Zack Snyder has been on a tweeting roll with yesterday’s glimpse at the new Batmobile, and today is no exception.  Snyder just tweeted a picture of the new look he will be giving to Batman, played by Ben Affleck.

Leave it to Snyder to make a plug in the first Batman reveal.  Things like that make me fear the worst for the Superman VS. Batman film (as well as the Justice League movie).  But hey, it’s his tweet, if he’d rather focus on product placement, that’s his business.

Regardless, we’re pretty excited about this look, especially since it’s a throwback to Tony Salvador Daniel’s Batman with the short ears and bulkier physique.  The logo seems to be larger, just like the design below.

[[contentId: 2609169| | style: height:361px; width:550px]]

What do you think of the new design??  We’re still holding our reservations as Affleck not sucking as Batman, but at least this is a cool start.


[[contentId: 2609196| alt: | style: height:803px; width:494px]]