Tim Burton Says ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Is Happening…Or Did He?

If you’ve had a long desire to see Michael Keaton return as the ghost with the most, you might be in luck. Stressing the word might here. After years of speculation and discussion whether or not a Beetlejuice 2 sequel will actually happen, Tim Burton seems to have all but confirmed it with a recent MTV interview where he’s promoting his recent film Big Eyes.

When Burton was asked if he’d be directing a Beetlejuice sequel, he responded with “Oh yeah.” Doesn’t seem like a lot to go off of, but in Hollywood terms where most people don’t like to say anything before it’s official, an “oh yeah” seems pretty good, but at the same time, that’s only asking him if he’d be directing. Not if the movie was actually going into production.

Keaton has been one of the more outspoken players in the project for the press, saying he’d only be interested if Burton was interested, then saying he and Burton were waiting on a script. He has also said that Beetlejuice was his favorite character that he had ever played, so why the hell not try to get a sequel made! I know it’s certainly one of my favorite characters ever.

But back to the interview circulating throughout the internet today, when Burton was asked if Winona Ryder’s character would return, he gave the greatest non-answer I’ve ever read.

“Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Yeah yeah, oh yeah.”

That’s the answer you give to someone when they ask to meet up for coffee, but you really aren’t all that interested.

Personally, I like to see people recreate iconic characters years after the original films were released. I like seeing a continuation to a story I enjoy. Sure, there have been many that have failed at this concept. More than the “good” ones at least. But that never bothered me. For me, it’s like having the same meal that I love twice. Sure, the second time might not be as good, but I’ll still enjoy it to some degree nonetheless.

Anyway, I wish sites like Uproxx wouldn’t use headlines like Tim Burton Says ‘Beetlejuice 2’ Is Definitely A Go, With Winona Ryder Returning because that’s not really altogether true and only a percentage correct. Everyone including Burton is interested in the project but that’s no more a guarantee than a thumbs up.

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source: MTV