Walmart Has Legally Been Declared A Public Nuisance

In what is probably the greatest story ever about a Wal Mart, the mayor of Beech Grove, Indiana has declared their local Wal Mart a public nuisance.  This is more than mere trash talk, this has actual, legal repercussions.  The Wal Mart in Beech Grove is basically the same as an underpass where bums do each other for meth or a skate park where bums do each other for meth. 

The legal ramifications of being declared a public nuisance mean that when police are called to the Wal Mart, the store can be fined.  And there’s good reason for it, too.  Remember this video?

That happened at the Beech Grove Walmart and it made international news because that was insane.  There are two kinds of disgraces in the world; the large scale atrocities like war, starvation, poverty and then these small scale ones where some piece of trash gets her 7 year old to be a foul-mouthed little thug in a Wal Mart as they beat up another adult together.  Just disgusting.

Sadly for Beech Grove, this happens all the time at Wal mart.  If not this, then something like it.  And no matter how much you think you get it, no matter how many times you’ve chuckled at “people of Wal mart” or seen videos in a Wal Mart, you have no idea the scale of awfulness the Beech Grove Wal mart is on. Between February 2014 and mid June of this year, so about a year and a quarter, the police had been called to that one, single Wal Mart 1,278 times.  That resulted in 473 arrests.  These numbers are barely comprehensible.  Is this Wal Mart built on an Indian burial ground?  Is it run by a demon?  Did they mix human blood into the mortar? 

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Being a public nuisance doesn’t mean anyone’s going to stop being awful at this Wal Mart, but it does mean that perhaps Wal Mart needs to put some effort into securing their crappy location instead of just standing around filming mothers and children beating each other for 10 minutes or more.