This Company Is Selling Beauty And The Beast Roses IRL And They Rule

Are you a Disney fan? Do you love talking anthropomorphic furniture? Are you into furries, but in a way that is kind of socially acceptable? Then you’ll love “Beauty and the Beast-style roses” from the company Forever Roses.

“Beauty And The Beast style roses” are actual roses that come encased in a glass dome and are guaranteed to last forever (3 years). Since every Belle and Gaston is going to want one, Forever Roses has made sure to make them affordable for everyone ($4000 each).

And that’s not the only animated Disney product you can buy in real life. Here are 4 other Disney products you can and should buy right now.

Mufasa’s Skull

For a cool half a million dollars, you can own a lion skull that may have been owned by the stoic leader of The Lion King’s lion pride, Mufasa. You can wow your friends with re enactments of key scenes from The Lion King including that moment when Mufasa died and that part at the end of the movie where he came back as a ghost! Those are the only two memorable moments featuring that character!

An Ice Cube from Frozen

Are you tired of “pretending” you’re a part of the mystical world of Disney’s Frozen with your friends? Well pretend no more, because for a cool $40 you can buy an actual ICE CUBE from the movie. Is this exploiting people’s love for nostalgia to waste their money on something that is literally useless? You bet it is!

An Official Bambi Gun

Remember that scene in Bambi were the hunter shot Bambi’s mom, killing her? Remember how traumatic that was and still is for people? The film came out in 1942 and people still can’t shake Bambi’s mom’s pained expression and last breath out of their heads. Now you can relive that scene with an official Bambi brand gun. Now for just $200 you can pretend you are the cold, heartless hunter that murdered Bambi’s mom and taught a generation that death is just around the corner.

The Talking Toilet From Beauty and The Beast

The Beauty and the Beast-style roses aren’t the only product from that classic film that you can buy and bring into your home. Now, you can own a real Beauty and the Beast style toilet. A sentient toilet would be prohibitively expensive, so we’ve cut costs by hiring a recent high school graduate to sit in the bowl of the toilet and talk to you while you poop. Is this gross? Yes, but after the up front cost of buying the toilet, it only requires basic upkeep and $10 an hour to keep the high school student paid and the toilet talking and operational. It might be a little expensive, but the look of wonder in your eyes when this high school student masquerading as a toilet starts talking to you mid poop? You can’t put a price on that.