Crew Shirt Reveals Disney’s Live Action Beast Will Look Like Kenny Rogers

Sometimes you gotta know when to hold’em. Know when to fold’em. Know when to walk away. And know how to have your crew not post pictures of their snazzy new crew shirts revealing what Beast will look like for Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast.

Now that Disney has completely run out of fairy tales to animate, leaving the real cartoons up to Pixar, they have begun to remake every one of their classic cartoons including the only one to have been nominated for Best Picture; Beauty and the Beast. We’ve gotten a few sneak peaks of the film’s lavish sets and even Emma Watson as Belle in the iconic golden ball gown, but never Beast…until now. And well, apparently he’s played by Kenny Rogers according to the design on this Stunt Crew tshirt posted by one of the film’s stuntmen.

Sure, it could be Jesus but Jesus doesn’t sing nearly as well as Kenny Rogers now does he, so it’s gotta be The Gambler himself.

Actually Beast is portrayed by actor Dan Stevens but aside from IMDB’s assigned beast, I really hope his singing voice is at least overdubbed by Rogers ala Nightmare Before Christmas-style with Sarandon and Elfman splitting the Jack Skellington role between acting and singing. One could dream at least, right?

At least think about it, Disney. You’ve already printed the shirts.