The Cops Were Called After A Group Of Bearded Hipsters Were Mistaken For ISIS

With as many issues that people are experiencing with cops being predatous nowadays, it seems white guys are finally getting the chance to experience their fair share and probably for the dumbest reason one could think of; their beards.

Recently at a friendly gathering at a castle in Sweden, a group of bearded buddies were taking photos and generally just hanging out as they do once a month for their club titled “Bearded Villains. Only some nearby onlookers who saw the gathering thought they were actual villains, more specifically ISIS.

To be fair, the one in the front does look a little suspicious.

The group wondered what was going on once the cops had shown up but realized it was a total misunderstanding once the officer explained that they received a call about a group of bearded terrorists “waving an ISIS flag”. Turns out they did have a flag but certainly not one with the ISIS logo. Close though.

Maybe it’s time to change their group name from Bearded Villains to We’re Definitely Not ISIS. Especially if their overall design looks less than friendly.


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Totally ISIS.

Even though it was an amusing turn of events for this month’s Bearded Villains hangout, it’s a bummer for some of the members because this was the first time they had an official group flag to show off. “We went to Brahehus with a professional photographer to be photographed with the flag because it was the first time we had it. It is obviously disappointing that someone mistook us for terrorists, but also a bit of fun,” one of the members stated.

Yeah, time to get that logo redesigned I think.