This ‘Batman VS. Superman’ Crew T-shirt Reveals What Batman’s Armor Looks Like

Of course we know what Sad Batman, aka Batfleck, aka Ben Affleck as Batman looks like in the upcoming Batman VS. Superman movie, but the bigger question remains: What does his armor look like? If you remember, a leaked copy of the teaser shown at Comic-Con this past summer highlighted a quick clip of Batman in full armor but the video was pulled from the net so most are left still curious.

Bundled for a chilly Gotham winter.

But why does Batman need armor? Because Superman would literally kill him in 2 seconds. Lucky for you, a crew member from the film received a wrap gift in the form of a t-shirt after working on the Warner Bros. project and posted images of the swag which shows, you guessed it, Batman in armor fighting Superman.

Here’s the front of the shirt:

And here’s the back:

Looking more like the knife fight in Michael Jackson’s Beat It video, is this a glimpse at Batman’s full armored suit in the movie? I’m gonna go ahead and give a hopeful yes. Because we’re gonna need a whole lot of armor to cover up Affleck’s potentially awful performance.

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