Hear Ben Affleck’s Batman Voice In The Leaked ‘Batman V. Superman’ Teaser

Now that we’ve all ingested The Force Awakens‘ second teaser trailer (amazing, wasn’t it?!) Warner Bros is going to try to win our attention over with their highly anticipated Batman V. Superman teaser trailer. Yesterday, director Zack Snyder tweeted a teaser of the teaser which didn’t amount to a hill of beans and today, we’re getting what looks like the final 10 seconds of the teaser leaked online. C’mon, Warners, let’s get it together here. If you didn’t keep us waiting so long, we wouldn’t be so adament on ruining the surprise. Assuming the teaser is any good in the first place. I mean we DID just see Harrison Ford as Han Solo today so Ben Affleck as Batman better be f*cking awesome.

Check out the bootlegged final 10 seconds of the teaser here:

[[contentId: 2846922| | size: 100]]

Okay, cool enough. I dig the Affleck Batman voice with the line “Tell me…do you bleed?” as Superman hovers above him in the rain. And I like how it’s shot so far…so far. Other than that, LET’S SEE THE TEASER ALREADY.

What do you guys think?

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Thanks to Cory Spence for the heads up.