The Batman V. Superman Cover For Entertainment Weekly Couldn’t Be More Boring

It’s true, the world’s greatest superheroes, Batman and Superman, are going to battle it out. And Entertainment Weekly wants to remind you that the movie will be coming out in March of 2016 with a few exclusive photos and a cover that will help get that morning yawn out in case you needed the extra push. Oh yeah, Wonder Woman is in this movie, front and center. Even though she was nowhere to be seen in the film’s first trailer. Anyway, here it is in all of it’s boring glory.

It’s sad that Wonder Woman is showing the most personality. Batman needs to go on the Subway diet (even though I do dig the retro design) and Superman looks like a guest actor from Friends. If you thought Man of Steel (it honestly took me a second to remember the title) was a good Superman film, you’re insane. The Batman V. Superman trailer looked bleh (they CGI’d a statue. A statue!) and Ben Affleck is probably the WORST actor to pickup where Christian Bale left off. I say bring back Val Kilmer. God knows he could fit into the suit Affleck is wearing.

Anyway, Weekly has a few new pictures including this cover showing off a lot of staring and more staring. Here’s a picture of Batman staring at the sky.

So why did I post the Entertainment Weekly cover if I think it, and the movie in general, looks pretty subpar. Because it’s Batman V. Superman! This is the battle we’ve all been waiting for. And so far, it hasn’t been thrilling at all. But hey, that’s just me. If anxiously smell whatever Warner Bros. will fart in your direction, be my guest. I’ll love you just the same.