Photos Of The New Batmobile Leaked!

This car is cool, but the leaked photos are below.

It turns out that while Batman v Superman is filming on the streets of Detroit people have been able to snag photos of the new Batmobile that old Ben Affleck is going to race around Gotham. I don’t think this will be getting a parking ticket anytime soon.

What other photos does Batman have on his iCloud account?

Images via Instagram were posted from user amacro13, however no one from the film production has verified their authenticity. So before you get a bat-boner and get all batty screaming “FAKE” in the bat-comments – just know that there is a chance these could be duds. Director Zack Snyder did release an official tease of the new batmobile which you can use for comparison here:

What do you think, are the leaked photos the real, new batmobile?

And if so does it kick ass or are these Batmobiles starting to turn into weird art projects? Can you picture Jesse Esenerg as Lex Luthor riding on the hood of this thing, shouting one liners? Like it doesn’t even look like a car anymore. I want to see Batman roll up on a used Honda Civic with a decal on the side, strapped in with those automatic seatbelts cars had in the 90’s- remember those? That would be gangster.

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