Batman Is The Greatest Superhero And Michael Keaton Has One Perfect Reason Why

Who is the greatest superhero of all time? It’s a tired, old argument that you almost simply can’t win because it’s a matter of dumb opinion BUT Michael Keaton has completely solved that discussion with one brilliant reason that is, well, better than your reason. And it had nothing to do with special powers or fancy tool belts to end the discussion.

Why have we never thought of this before. Sure, you can discuss how Superman could beat up (kill we mean) Batman with a single blow, but it’s not really about who can live the longest when it comes to the GREATEST superhero of all time. And last we checked, pretty much all of them have cried at one time or another except for the partially souless Bruce Wayne. And you can be damn sure Keaton never cried as Batman, even when he saw his parents die for pete’s sakes.

Of course if anyone will screw up this awesome factoid concerning the Batman legacy, it will surely be Ben Affleck, which he nearly does in the Batman V. Superman trailer. Don’t f*ck this up for us, Affleck!