Bathing In Pig’s Blood Is Apparently The Secret To Looking Younger

Teenagers think they know everything and it takes them their entire young life to learn that they know absolutely nothing. Why else would a human being think it’s a good idea to bathe in pig’s blood?

Meet Chanel, a 19-year-old model and actress living in California who has an insane fear about losing her youthful appearance or even growing old. She can’t reverse the slow crawl of time or the natural, human aging process but she’s tried all sorts of insane home remedies to stay young and beautiful such as eating the placenta of a new mother. She reached a new low in her lust for youth by actually bathing in pig’s blood. She managed to sink even lower by letting the MTV show “True Life” film her bizarre beauty ritual and not allowing them to add a laugh track.

The episode features Chanel’s super smart grandmother Lois trying to talk her out of such a stupid and pointless endeavor before cutting to the gross moment when she’s enduring her plasma bath. Lois points out that she’s got no documentation that proves that bathing in pig’s blood will actually make you younger. Lois even gets Chanel to admit that people used to do it thousands of years ago and Chanel fails to realize that those same people also thought that wearing leeches could cure diseases, witches were responsible for bad weather and wizards could predict the future by examining the alignment of the constellations.

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source: Morning After