Batcave -Batman Themed Hotel Room Is Pretty Batty

At the Eden Motel in Taiwan you can stay in their interpretation of the Batcave, Batman’s personal hide out. If you enjoy sleeping in a hotel room where every surface is covered with the bat symbol, this is the place for you.

Does the bed bat-vibrate?

It should also be noted that potential Dark Knights can rent the Batcave hotel room only at an hourly rate; perfect for a quicky with Vicki Vale or Cat Woman.

Everyone will be running to get there!

One person that would definitely love The Batcave hotel room is that guy who recently made a combat ready, functioning bat suit.

Luckily no “bats in the cave.”

While he is there he could enjoy the amenities in the room including  a batscreen TV, a bat safe, a bat poster, a bat mirror, the bat bed and what appears to be a chair made to look like a mini version of the Batmobile. Batacular!

Hopefully The Bat-Toblerone Is Not Too Pricey In The Bat Mini-Fridge

Unfortunately You Can Only Watch The Movie Batman And Robin On The Bat-TV

Alfred Is Stashed Under The Bed

No word on if there is a free bat- continental breakfast included.

Source: Yahoo

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