Paris Hilton’s Grandfather Is Giving His Billions To Charity

The Hilton family must have more money than they know how to spend. They own a global hotel empire, they’re so rich that their children are famous simply because of the wealth connected to their last name and they’ve done little or nothing to earn it. That’s why we’re ecstatic to learn that Paris Hilton, perhaps the most famous and least useful member of the Hilton family, won’t be getting a lot of it when the eldest Hilton passes on to that great, big trust fund in the sky.

The Guardian reported that Barron Hilton, Paris’ grandfather, will donate the vast majority of his $2.3 billion estate to charity when he dies. More than 97 percent of his assets will all go to the Conrad Hilton Foundation, the charity started by his father that aims to help improve the lives of disadvantaged people around the world.

Would you feel comfortable giving $2.3 billion to the people who brought us the horror that was “The Simple Life”? We didn’t think so.

Of course, we’re happy that Paris gets to see so much money going to a good cause but it’s still got to feel like a major burn. Some tell-all books revealed that Grandpa Hilton wasn’t all that happy with Paris thanks to things like the sex tape that made her famous or the drunk driving arrest. Frankly, we wouldn’t care if Mr. Hilton decided to give all his money to ISIS as long as Paris would never see a dime of it.

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Source: The Guardian