North Carolina Started Selling Lottery Tickets That Smell Like Barbecue

I don’t understand the minds of people who conjure up commercials and marketing gimmicks for state lotteries. Isn’t the slim possibility that you might win enough money to swim in Scrooge McDuck style enough of a selling point? The North Carolina Lottery’s latest ploy is even more bizarre: barbecue scented tickets.

The lottery’s new “BBQ Bucks” game comes with the sweet smell of slowly roasted meats simmering in its own juices over an open flame. They cost $2 a pop and offer a top cash prize of $25,000 or 100 pounds of pork and a Big Green Egg grill. It’s a shame they don’t offer both considering how most lottery winners burn through their winnings so fast anyway. I’m sure they would have suffered less heartache if they had a device that contains fire and allows them just to burn all that money in one fell swoop.

What’s even more bizarre is that North Carolina isn’t the first state to sell a scented lottery ticket. Nebraska recently announced a new ticket game that smells like Sriracha-sauce. Texas, Florida and Missouri all have chocolate scented tickets in their product lines. The Colorado Lottery offers several scratch off games with tickets that smell like coffee, chocolate and flowers. Come on, Colorado. That can’t be safe now that you have so many legal stoners running around. One of them is bound to get the munchies and choke to death on a lottery ticket.

It’s also not the most bizarre attempt by a government to entice citizens to a money making entity. That honor goes to Taipei, Taiwan who put a picture of a porn star on their mass transit system swipe cards.