Obama And Bear Grylls Are Going To Survive In The Arctic

Whether you love or hate the current President, odds are you’ll find some reason to want to watch the man drink his own pee, or at least that’s what Bear Grylls thinks, the man famous for most recently getting us to watch Michelle Rodriguez drink her own pee.  ‘member that?

Grylls is upping the guest star ante by leaving the Fast and Furious cast in the dust and instead bringing the President on board.  Obama’s taking a 3 day trip to Alaska to observe the effects of climate change, and it will make him the first sitting president ever to visit the arctic circle.  But, again, the most important part which we can all get behind no matter what our political leanings are, is that he’ll be testing his survival skills in the woods with Grylls.

We have to assume this stunt is maybe a little more flash than substance – odds are secret Service aren’t just giving Obama a harpoon, a net and some well wishes, they’re probably going to be around him at all times, and it’s unlikely the President is actually going to be put in any genuinely dangerous situations.  If a bear shows up, you can bet some dude in a suit is going to jump it and shoot it several times before Obama even knows it’s around, but it’s still kind of a fun idea.  Even though a lot of people don’t seem to like Obama’s willingness to become a part of pop culture, he keeps doing it.  At least he’s not trying to rap.

There’s no set word on precisely what Obama and Grylls will be doing in the majestic Alaskan wilderness, aside from maybe dodging Palins, but we put together a short list of things we’d like to see the two men do, none of which include drinking their own pee (for a change of pace.)  So if anyone at NBC or in the White House is reading, these are freebies;

  • Drink Michelle Rodriguez’s pee
  • Moose wrestling
  • Sasquatch hunting and/or fighting
  • Re-enact some scenes from Predator.  Make Obama yell ‘Get to the choppa!’
  • Bring Donald Trump, Hilary and the other candidates along, let them fight until one candidate remains who becomes President by default
  • Blubber eating contest
  • Make Obama wear the bear suit from Project Grizzly

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Because when it comes to putting the sitting President in precarious situations, we can all agree any of those would be awesome.