Banksy Creates A Dystopian Disneyland: Awesome Pictures

For some people Disneyland is the magical “happiest place on earth.” For others the theme park is a nauseating fake-happy version of hell that should be used by the CIA to get information out of ISIS captives. If you have ever sat through the “It’s A Small World After All” ride and witnessed the ever so slightly racist 1950’s era children of the world singing, you may come to the conclusion that the park is the basis for a dystopian nightmare. The street artist known as Banksy has taken this a step further by actually creating the “Dismaland Bemusement Park.” It is his version of a post-apocalyptic Disneyland and from these pictures it looks pretty awesome.

Dismaland just opened in Weston-super-Mare, UK, having been converted from an old waterpark after weeks of construction. Complete with a grungy looking Magic Castle, the park has a bunch of attractions that would be right at home in a Mad Max movie.

In addition to “Grim Reaper-themed bumper cars” and a “book burning fire pit” the park has something called “Mini Gulf” which is described on Dismaland’s website as:

 “An oil caliphate themed crazy golf course made from the hockey pitch at Cheltenham Ladies College.”

Maybe Banksy is really Stefon from Saturday Night Live?

What would a theme park be without some entertainment? Maybe a parade with Mickey Mouse or some nice fireworks for the kids; at Dismaland visitors will be treated to a variety of performances including a set by the Russian punk rock band/ protest collective Pussy Riot. Which is impressive since Pussy Riot performing at a Banksy exhibit is the turducken of “edgy” political artists.

Hopefully Vladimir Putin shows up with his kids for a nice day at the park- whoops!

Now before you book tickets for next summer to take the whole family, sadly “The UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction” will only be open for five weeks. Check out more pictures below and let us know if you would want to spend a dreadful day there!

Weird, I thought they only made us carry these balloons at Break:

To help you buy a Diet Coke at theme park prices.

Maybe this helps with the flavor?

Probably still more humane than Sea World, am I right?

Sadly no broken tea cups for the kids rides.

If you don’t understand what Banksy is trying to say “you are part of the problem, man.”

So earthquakes are art?

This is that ride where you sit on a bench and get attacked by birds. Way better than Space Mountain.

Come on Banksy, no decapitated Mickey Mouse murals?


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