Banking Heir Pays $80K To Kiss Elizabeth Hurley

At a star-studded charity event hosted Elton John in England last night, a 27-year-old billionaire banking heir named Julian Bharti donated $80,00 to make out with actress Elizabeth Hurley. Well at least it looked like he was trying to make out with her; she seemed to be going in for more of a tight lipped awkward kiss.

The type of guy who has 80 grand to burn on a kiss is probably used to having his way with women after throwing down that type of cash. Can you imagine spending more money than most people make in a year on one kiss? With Elizabeth Hurley?  I thought she died?

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OK, so he’s not SO terrible; he did donate all that money to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. However that doesn’t preclude this from being gross. I mean who wouldn’t want to kiss Elizabeth Hurley, but dear god, not like this. No, not like this!

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Bharti is a married father of three and he successfully bid on the kiss with the 49-year-old Hurley who played it cool as the wealthy wanker tried to jam his tongue down her throat to the cheers of those in attendance. He says that his wife was “totally cool with it.” Yeah guys, If you had a billion dollars I’m sure your wife would be “totally cool” with you forcibly kissing Elizabeth Hurley, too.

Although I do like the kissing for charity aspect to it. Maybe we could combined The Fappening and the Ice Bucket Challenge into one thing where everyone releases their nude photos for charity? No? Or at least get a few plants on the lips?

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