Man Dances To Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” During Baltimore Riots

With helicopters overhead, and a line of armored police in the distance, one “man in the mirror” took to the streets of Baltimore to dance. As the protest over the death of Freddie Gray erupted into violence Monday night, with fires, looting and police officers injured in attacks, a Michael Jackson impersonator blasted the 1983 hit “Beat It” in an effort to diffuse the tense situation. The man could be seen at several locations, even on top of a truck doing Jackson’s iconic moonwalk.

“Michael” turns out to be Dimitri Reeves who wanted to dance to spread a positive message during this dark time for his city.

It should be noted that Reeves chose the song “Beat It” for the lyrics themes of unnecessary violence: “You’re playin’ with your life/ This ain’t no truth or dare/ They’ll kick you, then they beat you, then they’ll tell you it’s fair/ So beat it.”

Now if he can just get everyone to stop fighting put down their weapons and have police and rioters perform “Thriller” together…

Although the situation was very serious, you have to laugh at the juxtaposition of his dance moves and what was happening around him. -You could say he was a real riot.

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Source: Mashable