This Fish Literally Stabbed A Firefighter While He Was Training

If you are planning on going out to sea any time this summer, please take caution. First a dolphin attacked a family on a boat and now a man in Florida was stabbed by a fish. Yes, a FISH. The sea creatures are revolting.

The unnamed man who was stabbed by the fish was a firefighter practicing some water rescues in Santa Rosa Sound. While he was practicing some serious life-saving skills with his fellow firefighters and some lifeguards, a ballyhoo fish jumped out of the water and struck him in the back of the head. Although the name of the fish makes it sound like a silly sidekick of Nemo, it carries some serious weaponry.

Howie Rounsaville, battalion chief for the Holley-Navarre Fire Department, says that the fish’s snout stuck about one and half inches deep in the man’s neck. He was taken to the hospital and all is good now — but consider this a warning for the forthcoming aquatic revolution.