Balloon Boy Sings Metal Song Called “Balloon Boy No Hoax”

Balloons are pretty metal! Let me explain. Way back in time in 2009 a viral news story broke about a “Balloon Boy”- AKA Falcon Heene, a six year old in Colorado was trapped in his parent’s homemade hot air balloon. Authorities frantically chased the balloon fearing the boys safety a the craft soared seven thousand feet above the ground; his mom and dad Richard and Mayumi Heene, seemingly terrified. There boy was in a balloon!

Only it turned out that the boy was “hiding in the attic” and it was all a big hoax as revealed during an interview with Wolf Blitzer when the little boy couldn’t keep his parent’s lies straight. When Wolf Blitzer asked him why he was hiding in the attic he looked up at his parents and said;

“You guys said that we did this for the show.”

Well now Falcon the Balloon Boy is eleven and he wants to set the record straight about his fifteen minutes of fame from five years ago and let everyone know that it wasn’t a hoax. What better way to do that than through a new metal song? No really, what’s a better way they could have done this?

Check out the metal styling’s of the Heene Boyz featuring Balloon Boy on vocals and his teenage brothers on drum and guitar. It’s so awesomely bad it’s good. Not because they are kids trying to rock out, the drummer actually has some skils; but because their dad is managing the group and clearing had an axe to grind with lyrics like; ““Threaten to deport/ My mother/ My dad copped a plea” and “Who the hell is Wolf?”

The song and accompanying music video do a good job of recounting the whole ordeal from the family’s perspective… even if that perspective is kind of cringe worthy. The band’s upcoming album is called “Finger It Out” – and all the songs are as awesome as the videos look.

To help refresh your memory about the whole Balloon Boy saga we went into the Break archives and dug up some Balloon Boy classic moments such as the landing of the balloon.



And that time the poor kid vomited on The Today Show, having to listen to his father tell more lies just to get on TV.



Here is hoping the rest of this kid’s childhood is less “event” filled and his father moves on to other ways of finding his fifteen minutes of fame.

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