Badass Woman Busts Known Pervert At Target

A Florida woman armed with her cell phone camera helped land a known pervert in jail after she chased him out of a Target and through the parking lot. Candice Spivey was shopping at the discount retailer when she was approached by Jeffrey Polizzi – the same man who had approached her years before and bombarded her with lewd questions. 

Spivey immediately began filming the interaction. In the 48-second clip that you can see above, Polizzi babbles about women’s underwear for several moments before Spivey turns the camera at him and asks, “Do you remember running into me in the grocery store?”

Polizzi immediately turns and begins to run out of the store while Spivey gives chase. “No, hey, where are you going? Come back!” she demands. “Get this guy! Stop him! Call the cops!” she yells, while other shoppers seem confused. Polizzi manages to get away, running through the parking lot and into his vehicle.

However, Polizzi did not get far. He was arrested later for reckless driving after a police chase. Local law enforcement revealed that he had been charged with video voyeurism and encouraged any other women who had been victimized to come forward.

On her Facebook post, Spivey described how Polizzi had developed a script for asking women inappropriate questions in a seemingly harmless manner. 

“For instance he starts asking if his wife should wear the maxi dress with no panties, and if she should shave ‘down there’ trying to make it seem very innocent in the way he’s asking. He then asks if you’re wearing panties, etc,” she wrote. “Whiles he’s asking these questions he’s filming you with his cell phone, and I knew he was by the way he was holding his phone.”

Polizzi was arrested in 2009 after using a shoe-mounted camera to peep on the women’s dressing rooms at a nearby surf shop, police said. They found other images on his camera that appeared to have been filmed up women’s skirts. He was convicted of video voyeurism and spent four months in jail.