The Price Of This Bacon Scarf Will Really Put Your Love Of Bacon To The Test

What goes well with chilly weather? Fresh hot bacon. What also can go well with just about anything else you could ever need in life? Fresh hot bacon. And what better reason to celebrate the existence of bacon than a silk scarf that looks exactly like BACON.

The bacon scarf will set you back a decent penny around the $160-$180 range, mainly because it’s supposedly made by fancy designer Natalie Luder and would ship from her company in Switzerland. Fancy, indeed! Although I’m pretty sure most bacon fans would rather pay that much in actual, delicious bacon than just a silk scarf. But hey, ole Luder can dream, can’t she?

Amazingness aside, Luder isn’t the first person to turn the visual of bacon into a neck-warming fashion statement. There have been plenty of other bacon scarves created before this one, but unfortunately nothing has looked so damn lifelike, which is probably the appeal of Luder’s screenprint design.

Regardless, I’d like to think that there’s somebody wealthy enough to throw this kind of money toward a bacon scarf at the bewilderment of their colleagues. Lord knows I wish that man was me. Unfortunately, it will remain just a delicious Christmas dream.

If you are however one of those wealthy people looking to throw that kind of dough at a tasty bacon scarf, head here to place your order.

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source: Metro