Dream Casting: If Back To The Future Was Ever Rebooted (8 Photoshops)

Even though we know we’re not getting Hoverboards or time travelling DeLoreans any time soon, one thing we DO know is that Back to the Future won’t be rebooted. At least not while the franchise’s creators Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale are alive. But that doesn’t mean Hollywood isn’t anxiously awaiting the day they can finally remake this property into a totally different movie (or worse a TV show).

So, if anyone in Hollywood is listening, we’ve compiled the most crucial part of the rebooting process; the casting. Here are our 8 choices for who we think would best fit the iconic roles from the BTTF film series. Indeed they were hard roles to cast but we certainly made the most of it.

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Marty McFly

I’ll be honest, I find most handsome young leading men to be annoying but Levitt has been the only guy that I don’t often roll my eyes at when he’s on screen, or worse, in a romantic comedy. Also he just worked with BTTF director Robert Zemeckis on The Walk, a film you should definitely check out. You get the role, Joe.

2. John Malkovich as Doc Brown

It saddens me that the original Doc Brown played perfectly by Christopher Lloyd will one day be replaced. Sure, hopefully later than sooner, but it’s going to happen. And John Malkovich could easily pull off being a mentor to a teenager and somehow not make it, well, weird. Even though he’s so weird. You get the role, John.

3. Emma Watson as Lorraine McFly

If Marty was totally thrown off by seeing how attractive his mom was thirty years prior, Emma Watson replacing the role originally played by Lea Thompson is a great way to make it even more awkward for the young hero. You get the role, Emily.

4. Will Forte as George McFly

Sure, Will Forte is a little older but this is a movie featuring “high school students” which most of the time are actors in their 30s anyway! So on that note, Will Forte is the perfect mix of comedy and schmuck to replace Crispin Glover. Like his current role on Fox’s Last Man On Earth, he always has a hard time getting the girl and you totally want him to achieve even though he’s an idiot.

5. Anna Kendrick as Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer Parker

Marty’s girlfriend probably has a total of 5 minutes of on screen time, but it’s a big enough role where it can’t just be thrown away. Anna Kendrick is the perfect level of “enjoyable”, especially if she’s not having to lead the charge. You get the role, Anna.

6. Chris Pratt as Biff

Biff is a legendary villain. And even though we’ve seen Pratt play either the idiot or the handsome hero, it’d be great to see him play the bad guy, especially since he already has the big-boned bully look. You get the role, Chris.

7. Ben Kingsley as Principal Strickland

Principal Strickland is the unsung villain of the Back to the Future franchise. He’s intimidating but really shouldn’t be at all if you take into account his small stature and old age. Which leads us to thespian Ben Kingsley to play the principal with the Napoleon complex to hate Marty McFly’s slacker attitude. You get the role, Kingsley!

8. Tracy Morgan as Goldie Wilson

Future Mayor Goldie Wilson is a memorable character but you couldn’t name the actor that played him even if your life depended on it. Since Tracy Morgan is slowly stepping back into the spotlight, he’d be great as the motivated busboy, ranting about how he’ll one day run Hill Valley. Especially if he keeps talking about how he’ll get everyone pregnant while he’s doing it. You get the role, Tracy.

So who else would you like to see in these roles? Sure, I’d hate for a reboot to ever happen as well but it’s not exactly up to us, now is it. God help us all.