Colbert Introduces America To The Most Insane Japanese Schoolgirl Metal Ever

Earlier in the week, Stephen Colbert introduced American audiences to Babymetal.  The band is huge in Japan but, language barriers being what they are, almost completely unknown in North America.  Check this video out.

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Now you may be tempted to dismiss this out of hand.  This is definitely something you either like or hate right away with very little wiggle room.  But indulge me here – you have a backup band of Japanese ghost men just shredding on guitar and drums looking like they fell off the set of The Grudge.  Are they in danger of replacing Jimi Hendrix or Peter Frampton?  No, but they’re not bad, either.  Solid back up band right there.  Also, they’re fronted by three demon Japanese school girls.

It doesn’t matter how you were raised, there’s something fascinating about demonic Japanese school girls that everyone can enjoy.  The dark imagery contrasted with the fact they sound like they’re 10 is just bizarrely enthralling.  And what the hell are they singing about?  If you can believe it, it’s a song debating whether she should eat a piece of chocolate given her concerns over her figure, then deciding maybe one piece won’t hurt.  This is no less or more in depth than your average metal song.

Here’s one of their videos;

That’s from their new video and seems to be about, you know, karate.

Before Colbert took over the Late Show, David Letterman was known to take a chance on some popular foreign artists and give them the opportunity to debut in front of America.  Like back in 2012 when he brought Die Antwoord, everyone’s favorite scary South African rap duo.

Now, again, if we’re trying to decide whether a band like Babymetal is badass or just ass, compare to what’s going on in our music right now.  Compare Babymetal to Coldplay.  We made this handy chart for you.

Who looks like they’re putting more effort in?  Who looks like they’d spend more time singing about feelings and what it’s like to have sex with Gwyneth Paltrow on a wicker chair?  The choice here is pretty easy to make.