This Awkward Fan Asking Nicki Minaj For A Lapdance Will Make You Cringe

When you’re Nicki Minaj, often singing about big genitals and how you like big genitals and riding in fast cars driven by guys with big genitals, you can’t really feel sorry for someone if they are constantly berated with requests to give a lapdance or two from guys with big genitals. Only this time at a concert in England a female fan decided to be “cheeky” and ask Minaj for a lapdance herself. And it couldn’t have been weirder. Sure, Minaj would love nothing more than to grind on your jeans, ma’am.

Minaj at first is shocked by the request, then the fan decided to turn on the charm by getting in Minaj’s face saying “C’mon, c’mon.” as if potraying a drunk uncle watching his niece at cheerleading practice.

Of course, with an arena of fans watching, how could Minaj say no? Check out the weird meeting below.

[[contentId: 2844573| allowfullscreen: | frameborder: 0| height: 360| width: 640]]

You’ve won this round, Hagrid. Now get back to the forest!

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