This Awful Pokemon Tattoo Received The Perfect Correction

We’ve seen our fair share of awful tattoos here on Break, so it takes a lot for us to finally share a success story where bad tattoos are turned around into tattoo gold. GOLD we tell ya! Someone recently got a Pikachu tattoo, we don’t know why either, and it frankly looks like something made by a 10-year-old (giving the benefit of the doubt and not going younger) with a set of black and red markers. Seems like a shameful lost cause unless you just tattoo a black circle over the thing, calling it your “moody phase”. That is until this tattoo artist turned it around perfectly.

With the tattoo’s artist name unknown, it’s rare you find someone not only good at solid tattoo art, but someone a sense of humor as well that can resurrect a bad tattoo from a lifetime of embarassment. Well done, sir. Well done.

Shame we can’t say the same for this guy.