25 Awesome And Somewhat Depressing Graduation Caps

MichaelKolander by MichaelKolander on May. 19, 2014

As May draws to a close, so too does the undergraduate academic career of the class of 2014. In case you can't read between the lines, that's just a nice way of saying the party is over.

A dismal job market and a mountain of student loans await most of our graduates. But at least a few them are able to enter this horrifying new life chapter with a smile. Here are 25 awesome, sometimes depressing graduation caps.

Anthony King
Anthony King

When you play the game of loans, you lose either way

Doug Brickwedde
Doug Brickwedde

Funniest thing is most still come out confused. Go ahead Mr Wendell.

aaron_2414 User

shoulda had a job while in college...so you can get a job OUT of college.
Experience > degree