Awesome Father Gets Tattoo To Match The Cochlear Implant Of His Daughter

For today in heartwarming news we go to Taupo, New Zealand where the dad of a six year old girl is now leading the polls for Father of The Year. That is because Alistair Campbell wanted to make sure his young daughter Charlotte didn’t feel like the odd person out. He decided to shave his head and get a tattoo matching her cochlear implant.

At the age of four Charlotte received her first cochlear implant. Like her mother and older brother Charlotte has a condition limiting hearing in her right ear and she is “profoundly deaf” in her left ear. While the implant has improved her hearing and overall wellbeing, she must wear part of the device over her ear and head. Now her dad has a matching “implant” on his own head.

When asked what made him decide to get the head tattoo he told local reporters;

“My love for her really,” he said. “Hey my hair can grow back.”

While his hair can grow back he says he will shave it for special occasions or when Charlotte wants to see it.

Break Question Of The Day: Would you get a tattoo for your child if it made them feel better about themselves?

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Source: NZ Herald