6 Reasons to Love Sweden

How much do you know about Sweden?  Sure they have meatballs and Muppet Chefs and IKEA, but is that it?  Mostly.  But there are a few other awesome things that are so awesome, you may want to consider a visit sometime, or even a move if you’re looking for a change of pace.  Because Sweden kind of kicks ass.

6 Hour Work Day

Recently, the Swedes have begun to realize that work sucks. You know it, we know it, the world knows it and Sweden is finally doing something about it.  Their decision – shorten the work day.  The idea here is that if you work fewer hours, you will be healthier and happier and work more efficiently.  If it turns out that this is true, that work gets done more efficiently in the shorter time, it could be instituted across the country.

Basically this whole idea is based off the assumption that the longer you work, the more you’ll slack off.  About a million studies have shown that this is, in fact, true, and a quick poll of the Break offices showed nothing as most people were asleep.

The Ladies

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Malin Akerman, Mini Anden, and Elin Nordegren are all Swedish and all awesome.  Plus about a million more women.  Just sayin’.

Healthcare for Illegals

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Sweden loves everyone, even people who don’t belong there.  So much so that, even if you went there right now and broke your leg, they’d fix you up because that’s the kind of classy country the Swedes run – they give healthcare to everyone.  Of course if the doctor is on a 6 hour workday you may need to wait a while for your cast, but still, it’s better than being kicked out of the hospital.


Cheaper Phones

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You may not be aware of this, but Americans get screwed left, right and center by their cellphone providers.  On average, Americans spent about $635 a year on cell service back in 2009.  By now that’s probably doubled, but we’re just using this to prove a point.  At the same time, cell service in Sweden was $138.  That’s less than $12 a month, how does that even work?

Cell phone companies argued this had something to do with quality of data or kilobytes in your MMS Ram drive Bluetooth port purple monkey dishwasher.  Point is they rip us off.


Low Crime

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The crime rate is always a consideration in the back of our minds when election time rolls around.  Lately bigger issues have always gotten in the way – unemployment, war, taxes, etc but the amount of crime affects everyone.  No one needs to get mugged.  And if that’s how you feel, Sweden wins again.  Crime is so low in Sweden they’re shutting down prisons thanks to a lack of use.

Sweden has one of the lowest murder rates in the world and ranks 26th in the world for shooting deaths.  America is 4th.  For crimes in total, Sweden is ranked 16th while America sadly pulls in at #1, with ten times the amount of crime, on average, than Sweden. 

Don’t feel totally down though, for some reason Sweden has way more burglaries than the US.  Probably people stealing money to pay for all those meatballs.



Awesome Technology

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Say, do you like them fighter jets?  Do you like cutting edge war technology?  You might think the US is leading the way in kick ass war technology (and let’s be honest, it is in almost every single way), but the Swedes are making strides with some very cool next gen fighter jets made by Saab. 

What makes the JAS 39E Gripen such a cool piece of technology?  The same thing that makes your new cellphone awesome – software capability.  Most fighters were designed decades again and can only adapt so much to changing tech.  The Gripen is ready to run Flappy Bird as well as boasting state of the art sensor systems that can identify friend from foe in flight.