This New App Tells You Which Places Have The Most Humans So You Can Avoid Them

It seems like you can’t find a restaurant, store or parking lot without coming across a horde of people that will inevitably ruin your day. Whether it’s waiting for a table, waiting for a parking spot or just trying to find a place to stand so you can breathe for a second, going out and socializing is becoming harder and harder to do because, well, we’re just running out of room. But now with a website called Avoid Humans, it’s actually easier to find a quiet place outside of your bedroom closet. Okay, this is starting to sound like an infommercial, but maybe that’s because this thing is that amazing. Meet your new friend who knows all of the quiet places at any given time in your area.

Avoid Humans uses both Foursquare and Instagram to comb nearby areas with the least amount of humans possible. It also gives you a three-level grading to make it real simple on whether a place is crowded or not. I’m not a big fan of “Judgement Call” because that one is a little too risky so maybe there’s some trial and error to this new-fangled creation.

Once you get into its system and let the site know your location, you can choose between the following categories of Food, Nightlife, Coffee and Refuge. In short, this thing is amazing. There’s hope for solitude in this world yet!

For those of us in Los Angeles and other huge cities with too many people, I’m more then desperate to have something like this to rely on. Nothing is worse than heading out hoping you’re about to beat the rush but low and behold get caught right in the middle of it. It’s honestly the worst.

Now if only there’s an app that will helicopter me to and from work. Head to the website Avoid Humans now so you can, y’know, avoid humans.