Someone Made The Ultimate 'Avengers' Themed Bachelor Pad

Comic book fans are a unique breed. They are willing to completely revamp their lives to prove just how much they love their favorite characters. Just go to a comic convention and you’re bound to run into at least one person who let someone take a hot knife to their face so they could have Wolverine’s mutton chops. So it's almost no surprise one fan completely redecorated their apartment with a Marvel Avengers theme. Oddly enough, this wreaks of style more than Cheetos and sweat.

They did a lot more than just have a couple of posters or movie accurate props hung on the walls of their pad. They hired a professional interior decorator, threw a bunch of money at them and gave them a copy of Marvel’s Avengers for inspiration. It may be the dorkiest theme for an apartment of all time until someone makes a “Magic: The Gathering” McMansion.

That "A" decoration made just enough room for five books.

Every room in the house has an Avengers theme. The dining room has a massive mural of the team next to a giant “A” bookcase. The kitchen has green paint to match the Hulk mural. The bedroom has Iron Man inspired lights, TV stands and even appropriately colored bed sheets.

It’s the ultimate place for a comic book fan or someone who never wants a girlfriend ever again, if you want to get technical. Now let's just hope the Avengers sequels don't suck for this person's sake/sanity.

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Source: Brobible