The Internet Is Having A Love/Hate Relationship With The Avengers 2 Poster

The first Avengers film was not only a blockbuster success, but actually enjoyed and appreciated by fans. And when the trailer for the second film hit, people were still loving it. It’s a slippery slope these days with properties as beloved as the Avengers so it’s really uncanny that they’ve made it this far without turning themselves into a John Travolta-esque meme. Unfortunately today, we’ve witnessed the Avengers first slip up. An overblown, over-photoshopped poster that has so much imagery going on, it’s just plain ridiculous.

It’s funny how we can probably tell which Avenger gets paid the most by how big they are on the poster compared to, say, Nick Fury. Regardless, people quickly noticed how the poster is boiling over with photoshopped imagery and didn’t hesitate to start putting Marvel in their place.

Maybe this is Marvel’s way of saying “you guys ask for way too much”. Either way, the studio probably makes a billion dollars everytime someone clicks on it.

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