FAIL: This Is What Happens When Your Text Autocorrects “Blonde” To “Blind”

Phones autocorrecting what you meant to say to something you definitely didn’t mean to say is an ongoing issue. You would think in 2015 all of our technical problems would have been worked out by now, but machines are sometimes as dumb as a box of rocks leaving us humans to correct the error. But unlike this mother who was simply trying to order a cake, most of our autocorrect fails are simply left in the message box and not on our dining room table.

A mother texted a dessert maker she knew to place a blonde girl on top of the cake she had ordered, symbolizing her daughter on her 21st birthday. Unfortunately, she failed to realize that her message had autocorrected the word blonde to blind, leading to one of autocorrects most epic fails. So a blind daughter on top of a cake exactly what the mom got.

I can’t stop laughing. That is just too perfect.

Apparently after picking up the cake and seeing how ridiculous it was, the mom considered removing the BLIND girl altogether. But after giving it some thought, she realized how absurd the situation was and left it as a conversation piece. I mean, what 21-year-old doesn’t dream of what they would look like as a blind person, right?