This Baker Is Unapologetic About His 9/11 Looking Cake

I know Austria is a long way from the United States, but Thomas Kienbauer claims that this cake that looks a lot like the tragedy of 9/11 was just a coincidence. He says the cake depicts Austria’s two political parties SPÖ and ÖVP but as for the two similar towering buildings with planes crashing into them, well he says that he just didn’t make the connection.

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Nothing like death to cure a sweet tooth!

Of course the cake couldn’t go without the explosion of the planes colliding into the buildings, made with grey and red icing complete with what looks like blood at the base of the towers. This is what Kienbauer said in his defense:

“I know about the sensitivity of 9/11 and I certainly did not want to ridicule the tragedy. I acknowledge that my portrayal of the situation is dramatic. However, to encapsulate the implications one is forced to depict them dramatically and to exaggerate.”

Apparently the idea came to him after a customer mentioned Austria’s election would be held on 10/11. Curious why the idea came to him after hearing that date. Regardless of his accidental portrayal, the cake clearly displays people getting murdered and last time I checked, Austria doesn’t have much going on in the plane colliding into a building department. Of course with a baker smiling next to such a creation, he’s going on the defensive by saying most of his customers are enjoying the cake (even though there are plenty that deem it offensive).

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Translation: a pastry chef and hang his stuff to merge. 9/11 + Vienna = WTF!!!!

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source: Yahoo

Kienbauer has no intention in getting rid of the cake or at least removing it from his bakery.