Australian Sharks are Now on Twitter

Over 320 sharks along the west coast of Australia have been tagged by scientists . These tags are meant to monitor the sharks movements and probably shopping habits.  But because we live in an age of awesome and insanely superfluous technology, the tags can also send updates to Twitter when the sharks get near shore.  Finally, Twitter has an actual reason to exist.  Now all they need to do is get bears signed up and maybe some hyenas or jaguars and it will be the social media site to shame Facebook and its total lack of man-eating wildlife.  Just think how much better Twitter would be with Tweets like these.




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No?  Eh.  The real tweets are updates sent to Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s feed which let you know the breed and size of shark once it gets about 1 km from shore.  But it’s a new technology.  Give it time and maybe we’ll learn more about what sharks are thinking when they decide to swim up close and eat someone.  Maybe it’ll be more hilarious than we ever imagined.

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