Australian Reality Show Brings Cast Members Into Syrian War Zone

Reality television will stop at nothing to be “edgy” and “fresh.” They will push the envelope to the ends of the Earth in order to get as much viewership as they can. If that means throwing their cast members into a volatile war zone, then so be it. That’s exactly what an Australian show did.

The show is called Go Back to Where You Came From and in a recent episode, it just threw several of its participants into an active Syrian war zone like it was no big deal.

As seen in the clip Kurdish militants are escorting three of the show’s cast members as well as the camera crew across the Iraqi-Syrian border. Half a mile away from Islamic State guns start firing at them. Later on, one of the participants said that they got more than they bargained for. Well, when you enter a live war zone, people may just firing guns at you. It literally comes with the territory.

Despite how ridiculous this is, the intention of the three-part reality series is admirable. It aims to engage audiences in the hot topic of immigration in Australia by sending six Australians to see the conditions of refugees in person.

Australia has been in the middle of a big debate about asylum policy since 2010 when bodies of people seeking asylum washed up on the shores of Christmas Island. The nation has a “stop the boats” policy that turns refugees away and puts them in detention centers.

The show wants to get deep into this discussion by putting participants in an “immersive, reverse journey to some of the most inhospitable and dangerous places on earth.” In addition to plopping them in war zones, cast members of the show have been in jungles, simulated immigration raids and shipped them across the ocean on leaking refugee boats. So basically, they just want to put these people in dangerous situations to prove a point.

I’m all for raising awareness and educating the masses about issues affecting a nation, but in this case, I’m pretty sure endangering the lives of these people is benefiting the producers of the TV show rather than the real cause… but who cares, right?! After all is said and done at least one of these people will have their own Bravo show by the end of the year. And that’s all that matters.

Source: GlobalPost