Australian Police Looking For Beer Drinking, Motorized Picnic Table Drivers

Australia seems to have some heavy duty drinkers living among its populace and that’s not an assertion based on outdated stereotypes. That’s based on their security camera footage because one of them caught a group of beer drinkers driving down the streets on a pair of motorized picnic tables. 

Photos and video of the motorized picnic tables surfaced on Facebook after the drinkers were spotted in Scarborough, Australia. The Internet may have been entertained by them but the Western Australia Police weren’t when they posted them on their Facebook page.

They are looking for the men in the footage and plan on charging them with several crimes including driving an unlicensed vehicle and drink driving. If the picnic tables had umbrellas, they might also be facing charges of driving an unregistered hang glider. 

A police official said their department has serious concerns about the wellbeing of the public with men like these roaming their streets on unregistered picnic tables, “especially when on roads alongside motor vehicles.” Just how fast can a picnic table full of drunks go? Given the non-aerodynamic design of the picnic table and the weight of the average heavy beer drinker, they aren’t exactly Indy 500 material. 

Source: UPI