Australian Man Had A Spider Burrowing Through His Chest

It seems like there is no end to the list of things we should be scared of these days. Watching the news is like watching an episode of “American Horror Story” and we’re sure some TV executive is working on a way to combine the two by trying to make killer clowns into some kind of national epidemic. 

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Well, we’re about to give you one more thing to haunt your dreams: spiders that can burrow their way through your body. Australian Dylan Thomas recently visited Bali and brought back home a keepsake that left a long, meaty tunnel on the inside of his abdomen. Doctors suspect that a spider burrowed his way under his skin through an appendix scar and crawled up the inside of his body from his belly button to just under the center of his chest. 

Australian for “Holy f#*$&! A spider is crawling through my body!” 

It started as a simple bug bite that turned into a rash but Thomas began to notice the rash slowly crawling up his abdomen and left a series of painful blisters. He went to a dermatologist and the doctor found a spider was crawling underneath its skin leaving a trail of venom that caused the prolonged rash. A surgeon removed the dead spider from his chest and had to sent off to be tested presumably to see if it gave him radioactive spider powers. 

Thomas is still recovering from his injuries but he seems to be doing fine. His friends now all call him “Spider Man,” which is much nicer than the name we came up with for him: The Reason We’ll Never Sleep Again.